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La fin de l’été

5 septembre 2017 mardi 72 degrees, partly sunny 12 mph, nw wind September Sow Cabbages, 10th, plant cuttings of Currants, Clary, Comfrey, plant cuttings of Gooseberries, sow Radishes, plant layers or suckers of Rasperries, Rosemary, plant out Strawberries, string your … Continue reading

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Récoltes et Gratitudes

10 septembre 2015 jeudi 84 degrees, Partly Sunny 5 mph, NNW wind Harvests and Gratitudes. The jardin late summer has been bountiful, with heirloom summer squashes, cucumbers, beans, eggplants, melons, and peppers continuing to bear throughout the summer months. Intermittent … Continue reading

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